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These are just a few of the teaching subjects you can expect to hear at Jesus Shines.


  • End time events and the Middle East - Signs of the times – Luke 21:7 – 11

  • The Ezekiel Wars – Ezekiel 35 – 39

  • The Rapture of the Church - 1 Thessalonians 4:16 -17

  • Healing – “the children’s bread” - Matthew 15:22 – 15:26

  • Operation of Faith - Hebrews 10:38 

  • How to prosper God’s way - Psalm 35:27

  • Rightly Dividing the Covenants - John 3:16

  • Other teaching areas will be covered as you may desire


Benefits of these teachings:


  • Help in attaining and developing a better understanding of prophecy and the last days. 

  • Help to strengthen lay leaders in their calling 

  • Help to develop integrity and sanctified character in the saints 

  • Increase knowledge of the Word and hunger for a close personal fellowship with Jesus 

  • Provide in-depth revelation of the biblical  and prophetic word 

  • Develop a boldness in the people of God 

  • Show individuals how to experience God’s love in their everyday lives 

  • Inspire a desire to study the Bible 

  • Help individuals to get out of their comfort zone 

  • Assist in developing a passion for winning souls to Christ 

  • Mobilize the saints for the harvest.


It is a fact that if just a fraction of the last days harvest were to come in at this time, the existent churches would not be prepared to minister to the multitudes.


We cannot wait for the great outpouring to occur; we must be preparing God’s people to minister now.


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