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Pastors Bob & Margo Legere


   Jesus Shines Ministries was founded by Bob Legere, who went home to be with the Lord on May 1. 2018 at the age of 81. He was a retired U. S. Army Major, with service in the Navy and the Air Force.  During his walk with Christ, he fulfilled the Great Commission and used the Gospel to touch many lives in the extended Body of Christ.  He was raised in the Roman Catholic faith and upon his salvation, the Lord immediately started to use Pastor Bob in ministering to others.  Over the years he has, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of God, been privileged to lead many individuals to salvation and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  The Lord has led Pastor Bob into various ministry positions over a 33 year period.  Early in his walk with the Lord, Bob traveled extensively with God is Good World Evangelistic Association through the Mid-Western States, and the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic States.  He, as a former member of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, was privileged to share his testimony of salvation in many organizational settings.

  The Lord has provided Pastor Bob with insight, wisdom and understanding regarding Bible prophecy.  He has been gifted by God with the ability to teach about the latter days and end times prophecy in a clear and understandable way.

  He, through study and in-depth research, has learned to rightly divide the Biblical Word and the Covenants of God. Through detailed teachings from both the Old and New Testament scriptures, Pastor Bob is able to bring today’s headlines and current events into their biblical perspective.

  Our world is hurtling toward the return of Jesus Christ to receive His church unto Himself.  Time is flashing by and the lost are oblivious and totally unaware about what is about to transpire.  Bob, as the Pastor of Jesus Shines Church, has a burden for these lost souls and has been anointed with the ability to clarify the understanding of scriptures so that people can see the coming Christ.

All Pastor Bob’s messages and teachings are for the equipping of the saints of God for the harvesting of those individuals who do not yet know Jesus Christ.  In Addition to Jesus Shines Sunday Worship Service, 

Pastor Margo, administers scripturally based teachings and prayers for individual needs. 

   Pastor Margo is originally from Australia and has also been walking with the Lord for over 33 years.  She is a former member of Pastor John Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.  Pastor Margo is being used by God to bring forth revelatory teachings designed to encourage women in their walk with Jesus and addressing the issues that they face in their daily faith walk.

Pastors Bob & Margo have both been trained in the Biblical Interpretation of Dreams and Visions.  God has anointed Pastor Margo in particular with the gift of showing people the meaning of their dreams from a biblical perspective.

Pastor Anthony Arredondo

   Anthony, is an Engineer in Bandera TX. Through his salvation, his entire family has been set free. His hunger and desire for Jesus in his life has opened doors to miraculous and wonderful moves of God. He excels in building one on one relationships between the individual and Christ. His compassion for others and his Love for Christ has transformed the world around him into an environment of Strength and Might in Christ Jesus.  

   In April of 2017, Jesus Shines Ordained Anthony by the direction of the Holy Spirit and he is now serving as Pastor of Jesus Shines Church in Bandera TX. He has continued the work of the ministry through street Evangelism as well as preaching in Bandera.

Ministry Team

Leslie Arredondo

   Leslie has been a Licensed Veterinary Nurse in San Antonio for over 10 yrs. She along with her Husband have used the gift of salvation and Grace to reach many people. Her upbeat personality and love for animals and people has allowed Leslie to excel in compassion, understanding and forgiveness which are strong traits of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her gifts from the Lord are used on a daily basis to bring about Peace, Love and Faith in all situations for all who seek God.

   Leslie is currently leading a group effort targeting and educating mothers (MOPS) in Bandera, Tx.

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